International Student Association of Wind Energy

The International Student Association of Wind Energy, ISAWE (pronounced as “i-save”) is a global youth organization established to unite students around the world with an interest in wind energy.
We strive to contribute:
• To the advanced development of wind energy technologies;
• To increase the percentile usage of wind energy in the global electricity demand;
• To achieve the highest global recognition for its contribution to the environment and technology.

We expect to achieve our ambitious aims by:
• Creating awareness about sustainable energy, in particular, wind energy across the world;
• Keeping up to date with developments and emerging technologies in this field;
• Carrying out innovative student projects related to wind energy;
• Becoming a successful educational and social platform for like-minded students;


ISAWE welcomes volunteers to join and help amplify our global organization.
Presently, a local committee of ISAWE is established in FH-Flensburg.
As a first project of ISAWE FH-Flensburg, we will build up a Wind Car and participate in Racing Aeolus 2013 representing FH-Flensburg. The participants of this event are students who were challenged to design and build a Wind Powered Vehicle that could drive against the wind, powered by a wind turbine. Our project team is in search of interested students.
Whether you would like to apply for our executive team, to become a project coordinator or simply a general member, please feel free to contact us so we can make it happen!

GSM: 015777197958

Erol Ozan Bulut
MSc. Student of Wind Engineering